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Darkest Before the Dawn [Heartland Fanfiction] pt 16

This story is set after 5x18. Candles in the Wind. If you have not seen the episode, there are obviously gonna be spoilers, so you have been warned. There has already been three parts before this current story, so if you haven’t read them, I suggest you do (Cold Feet, Warm Heart, Ring True & Happy-Go-Unlucky).

My main language isn’t English, so if there are any errors in the grammar, let me know. I just felt like writing and here’s what I came up with.

* * * *

Ty added some wood to the hearth when Amy was sitting on the couch, Lobo sleeping next to her legs. She was eyeing Ty, because he looked similiar but his hair was shorter than it had ever been. Amy smiled. Mallory had been right - it looked good on him.

”What?” Ty noticed Amy’s grin as he turned around and returned back to his place.

”Nothing”, Amy tried to hide her smile and gave her head a little shook. Ty sat next to her.

”What? Is it bad?” Ty was insecure.

”No, it looks good on you, honestly. I’m just hoping I won’t wake up and think I’ve fallen asleep next to a stranger”, Amy giggled.

”As long as you don’t hit me with something, I think we’ll sort it out”, Ty laughed. He wrapped his arm behind Amy and looked at her. ”You good? Warm enough?”

”Yeah. Thanks. But I do feel guilty knowing grandpa is doing the night rounds with Caleb and Ben”, Amy said.

”Relax. You’ve done enough for the day”, Ty said. ”Besides it doesn’t take much effort from them.”

”Ah, I guess”, Amy sighed. ”So… did you have a chance to talk to Caleb?” she asked. Ty nodded. They hadn’t had a chance to talk about it yet. ”What did he say? How did it go?”

”He was pretty cool about it actually”, Ty frowned. Amy kept playing with his hair with her left hand. At least he could touch Ty, even though the other hand was in a cast. ”Which is pretty weird, but I guess he’s grown.”

”So he said nothing? That could be dangerous too”, Amy thought. She felt like she knew Caleb enough to say that when he spoke it was actually better – even though most of the time the things coming out of his mouth made no sense. It was when he was quiet and thinking, that people should be more alarmed.

”Well, we’ve done our parts. It’s for them to solve out the rest”, Ty figured. He would be there if Caleb needed him, but he wasn’t his babysitter. He was a grown man, responsible for his actions. ”Meanwhile I think you need to get to know this stranger sitting next to you”, Ty tried sneaky ways to get kisses.

”I’m sorry, but I’m actually engaged and I’m not gonna kiss any strangers”, Amy teased.

”Not even if that stranger turned out to be your husband-to-be?” Ty asked and leaned in to give her a kiss. Amy grinned and they gave each others gentle pecks. ”Don’t you recognize these lips?”

”Hmm, I might have to do a double check”, Amy said with a lower, more seductive voice. They kissed each other and Ty wrapped his arm around more firmly. Amy was thankful Ty was there to take her mind out of things. If it wasn’t for her, she would’ve been stressing out a lot more.

The kissing kept going and neither of them didn’t see a reason to cut it off. They were alone in the house, the room was dark and a fire cracked in the hearth. It was very romantic in a very everyday-life-kind-of-way. Amy could still feel the butterflies in her stomach whenever Ty kissed him like this. She knew how he kissed and how she should respond, but still it was always like the first time. With every memory they made together it became even more meaningful and deeper.

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