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"When I got the role of Elizabeth Smart, I was the same age as her and completely shocked and horrified by her story. For those of you who are unfamiliar, she was kidnapped as a young teenager and taken captive by a man who made her believe she was sent to be his wife. Nine months later she was found by police and reunited with her family. — I tried to separate the true story and the character I was portraying in order to maintain emotional disconnection. I treated the story as fiction, and although I did my research on her and her story, I thought of it as a movie I was acting in, instead of a real person whose traumatic ordeal I was reliving." - Amber Marshall

Just watched the movie. Amber did amazing job as was expected from her. The whole case is terrible, but good thing it did have a “happy ending”, if you can say that when so many people went through such a horrible thing.

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