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Ty: I got that truck just before I came to Heartland.
Wade: There’s, uh, some memories then.
Ty: Yup.
Wade: Care to elaborate?
Ty: (sighs heavily) Um… There was this one time… I went to this party that Amy was at, right after I got to Heartland, and I ended up punching out some guy, and uh… Amy didn’t like that too much, so… She left, started walking home, and… I followed her, picked her up on the side of the road and uh… she gave me a hard time because I didn’t have any heat (taps dash) In my truck. There was no heater. (laughs)
Wade: Who was the guy you punched out?
Ty: He was her boyfriend at the time.
Wade: (laughs) I guess that worked out pretty well for you then, didn’t it? (Ty nods)

Heartland - 6x08 - Do the Right Thing & 1x01 - Coming Home

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