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Heartland - 7x14 - Things We Lost


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I'd say they would just replace them with new actresses, not kill off Katie or have the whole Morris clan move away, because then there would be no more Lou or Peter and I don't think the show would do so well anymore if that happened.

Yup. It just wouldn’t work. For a moment I had this fear because of one show where one little girl had a sudden heart failure and they had her family deal with that and it was devasting to watch… But I don’t think they would do anything like that with Heartland. It wouldn’t sit well with the feel-good spirit they have.

Katie will be played by a different girl. I saw the mom tweet about it.

Thought she might, thanks for letting me know. I wonder if they skip forward or is Katie gonna be just as old as she was. Damn, I’m gonna miss those cuties though…

How can the katie twins not be coming back? Do you think they'll do what modern family did and just get a new person or does this mean maybe lot and Peter split up so you know custody? This worries me

It worries me too! I don’t know all the details yet, but when I come back I will hopefully make a bigger post about it then (I’m on my mobile now, but had to share that bit of information already). They could replace them with other twins or something could happen in the finale-season premiere.

Whaaaaaat?! Katie twins won't come back? So they will change the actor(s) of Katie because if they killed Katie.. No no no.. :(

Yeah, killing Katie would be horrible. Their mom said she will cry after tonight, but maybe it’s just because it’s gonna be the last time her daughters will be on the show :( This was very surprising decision.

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