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Game face, suit up, drink on, let’s go boys!
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I follow her on twitter

This didn’t make it any clearer why she said she hopes she gets on Heartland? She’s already a main cast member?

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goldnluvr replied to your post “ty and amy stress me out or make me just wanna slap them both upside the head!!! I geuss we’ve all felt like that!!!! lol i think the best laid plans episode is now one of my favorites!!!:) do u have a favorite episode in season one? -horsewantingheartlandfan:)”

What was Best Laid Plans about again? It’s been awhile since I watched season 1.

Lou had this great idea to make a promotional video about Heartland and she hired Marnie’s husband to do it after she kind of insulted them. So her husband filmed the Heartland crew doing their normal things, but made it ridiculous, destroying Lou’s perfect plans. He showed Amy snap at Lou, Ben and Mallory’s pile of maneuver under Lou’s bedroom window and Lou acting like a mad man during filming. Ty was also working at Briar Ridge because of the fight he had with Amy.

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I just got a twit from Michelle Morgan saying she hopes she gets on heartland

She gets on Heartland? What?? She’s already on Heartland? I’m confused.

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Hey Soile! I'm so glad you had a good time on your trip! Now I'm just curious, but where do you live? I DO NOT want to know exactly, just are you Canadian? American? British?

None of those actually :) I’m from Finland.

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I know this will sound bad like really bad but, I kind of hope that since Mallory will be written off the show they mention her again and make it obvious that she won't come back or kill her off. I know that sounds bad but I constantly get annoyed by all the people who ask If so and so will comeback. But I'm really sad that we saw her for the last time her character had a lot of potential and I think well all miss both Jessica and Mallory.

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Hey, I was just wondering if you had any idea as to what Ty wanted to tell Amy before she told Ty about the Europe trip... They never included it and it's really bothering me!!

Ty was going to ask her if they wanted to buy the ranch now that they had the money. He had that phone call with the realtor(?) just before she came in and told them that he and Amy would make the decision to buy or not to buy the ranch the following day. But as soon as he heard she had these big plans on going to Europe, he backed down, because he didn’t want to tie Amy down (she told him that she never wanted them to tie each other down in season 5 finale).

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Why do you think Jessica asked to be written off the show?

She lives in America and wants to make a career there, I think. Probably didn’t want to get stuck playing Mallory for too long.

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